Field Abuse is an archive in the form of web sound installation, collecting abusing sounds (the playlist changes randomly each time the page is loaded).

A research project about human and non-human noise in relation with politic, religion and culture.

Abuse in terms of loudness and irritancy.

Abuse connected to sound imperialism, noise and power (R.Muray Schafer).

A reflection over silence and its value in different cultures.

…the sonic effect […] was not reducible either objectively or subjectively. The concept of sonic effect seemed to describe this interaction between the physical sound environment, the sound mileu of a socio-cultural community, and the “internal soundscape” of every individual. The Sonic Experience, Jean-Francois Augoyard, Henry Torgue

Send your recordings to mail[@]claudiocurciotti.com

Director: Claudio Curciotti

contact:  mail[@]claudiocurciotti.com

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