Field_Abuse_Acusmatic India #1b


Kumbh Mela, 16/04/2010, India, Haridwar

Acousmatic sound is sound one hears without seeing an originating cause. This definition describes the primordial meaning of the word acousmatic, a word later used in relation to music experiments and concrete music. India is probably one the richest country in terms of sound experience. Sounds fill the complete 360 degree sensual experience of any space. It’s challenging to identify the sources of the noises constantly reaching our ears. The mind looks for the causes of such noise, gets very busy and finally collapses. It’s much easier to just surrender, going deep into the experience of listening, putting the attention to tonality and frequency, stop analysing, just staying with the sound, in a safe acousmatic dimension.

Acousmatic India is a series of recording bite in India in 2009/2010.


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